Here are my favorite “unwearable” eyeshadows and the easiest ways to wear them

Of all the stupid adjectives that exist in the cosmetics world, “unwearable” is possibly my least favorite. Except for “unflattering” — seriously, fuck “unflattering.”

I hate the idea of not being able to rock certain eyeshadow shades, therefore making them “unwearable” looks. However, it’s hard to deny that there are some makeup products that are just easier to wear (in public) than others. They can be slapped on without fear or thought, which is kind of ideal for early mornings or meeting people whose opinion you care about.

Nonetheless, I think the “wearability” concept is a tricky one. Also, just like God and Santa, it’s totally made up! Why is bronze a “wearable” eyeshadow color? People don’t have naturally bronze eyelids any more than they have neon green! You see what I’m talking about?

So here are three ways I wear “unwearable” eyeshadow colors in “wearable” ways, even though the whole thing is conceptually void and blah, blah, blah.


Why must a highlighting eyeshadow be white or cream? If it’s light, bright, and most importantly, shimmery as hell, it can be a highlight. Two of my favorite are from Topshop: their Chameleon Glow in U-Turn, $11.84 and their Mono Eyeshadow in Hallucination, $9.35.


U-Turn has a pale tan colored base with masses of neon green reflect — an otherworldly, ravey-club-kid effect when applied on the inner corner. Hallucination is softer — a pearly white base with a vibrant blue-based pink reflect. It’s equally gorgeous on the eyes and cheeks.


I love ColourPop’s vivid, bright eyeshadow shades for a bolder bottom lash line look. They’re cheap, they have every color you could desire, and they are extremely pigmented. Dare, which is only $5, is a neon purple, and Too Shy, which is also $5, is an electric royal blue. They are both amazing colors and amazing for this job.


A final way to introduce some color into a neutral eye look is taking colors related to the neutral family, but decidedly that are slightly a little more colorful. Reds and oranges are fabulous for this and they look great on everyone if you don’t fear a slight look of irritation. Plus, red shadows are so trendy right now! So now’s the time to rock this look without any fear.


My love for the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Glistening Garnet, which is $6.99, goes deep. It’s probably the shadow I love the most. This is amazing all around the eyes, especially with a bare face, but for beginners, try smudging a little bit into the crease to warm up an eye look. It adds a definite “unwearable-wearable” touch.

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow, $21, has plenty of amazing warm non-brown colors. Apricot is great for pale complexions and it gives a hint of warmness and colorfulness without going being too bright.


Here’s what these “unwearable” shadows look like when swatched. Gorgeous, right?


Making the unwearable wearable is my new MO. I hope you feel inspired! After all, the magic of makeup is this: if you think you look good, you’re right.

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