Here are all the makeup goodies you can shop from Nars’ Spring Color collection

Now that we have entered the first week of 2017, it’s already time to sneak peek some of the upcoming spring makeup collections. Fully prepared for the early birds of makeup, the Nars Spring Color Collection just arrived for 2017! It includes a variety of gentle and sunny shades to court you back into a carefree state once the cold, snowy winter frost has thawed to reveal hidden flowers.

The new Nars collection features eyeshadow duos, new blushes, brightly colored gloss, and of course, lipstick you can wear this spring — as you stroll through the park and feel hope surge through your body once again.

The swatches of color look absolutely delicious.

The Nars Spring Color Collection offers up a wide variety of colors and products you can mix and match until you find the look that best fits you.

In order to assist your personal makeup journey, we rounded up some of the most striking products from the new collection.

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Kiss Me Stupid Satin Lipstick in burnt sienna from NARS, $28


Aragon Lip Gloss in red chestnut from NARS, $26


Bumpy Ride Blush in shimmering candy pink from NARS, $30


Lunar Hardwired Eyeshadow in soft iridescent violet from NARS, $25


Thessalonique Duo Eyeshadow in iridescent seashell pink and iridescent violet smoke from NARS, $36


NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette from NARS, $59


Velveteria Velvet Lip Glide in fuchsia from NARS, $26


You can check out all of the new spring arrivals on the NARS website and gawk with delight.

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