Here are a bunch of beautiful bath bombs to get you through the stress of the Holiday season

There are a LOT of reasons to take a bath right now! First off, for many of us baths are better than showers because of their luxury and healing abilities. Also, tub time presents a unique opportunity to binge-eat snacks while playing the challenging game of eating without getting your food wet. It is a truly impossible joy.

But also, now more than ever, with the combination of the growing political tension and the stress of the holidays, taking a bath serves as a necessary form of self-care. While plain old hot water will technically do the trick for a relaxing home spa time, there are way too many deliciously frothy bath bombs and oils out there for us to settle on boring tub time. If you’re going to bathe your body in a vat of liquid, might as well make it a tasty and colorful liquid that hearkens to a field full of flowers.

So sit back, put your feet up, and let us present you with some comforting, fizzing bath bombs that will hopefully bring your blood pressure back to a happy place.

via giphyTake a deep breath and let yourself melt into the beautiful bath bombs we have found you.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb from Lush, $6.95.


This bath bomb looks like it would soak your body in Carl Sagan quotes AND make you smell fresh.

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar from Lush, $7.45.


Okay seriously, this penguin looks kind of melted and sad already but that is part of its charm. If you’re having a rough day, you can drop this penguin in the bath and he will weep along with you.

Mistletoe Bath Bomb from Lush, $7.95.


This bath bomb looks like a pastel sugar cookie, has the vibes of holiday mistletoe, and will froth your body into a peaceful place.

Butterbear Bath Bomb from Lush, $4.95.


If this bear manages to emit so much emotion without eyes, imagine how much cocoa butter-scented goodness he’ll bring to your bath?

Floral Amethyst Bath Bomb from Mystic Relics, $8.

Even looking at the picture of this bath bomb is deeply relaxing.

Cocoa Butter Rose Quartz Bath Bomb from Mystic Relics, $8.


Anything that combines cocoa butter and rose sounds like heaven.

Crane Blanc Bath Bomb from Mystic Relics, $8.

This one is ideal if you want to channel a stress-induced blood bath.

Third Eye Amethyst Crane Blanc Bath Bomb from Mystic Relics, $8.

They say there’s nothing quite like the sweet release of death, so why not bathe in it?

Frozen Berry Ring Bath Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs, $14.39.


This bath bomb is the ultimate in delicious scents with vanilla, pomegranate, and cinnamon notes for your aromatic bath time.

Candy Cane Ring Bath Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs, $14.39.


What better way to wash away the stress than by transforming yourself into a dewy peppermint scented dream?

Evergreen Ring Bath Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs, $14.39.


It’s impossible to be stressed if you’re channeling eucalyptus pine.

So go ahead, lather up and scrub away the stress of holiday responsibilities. You can pop some champagne and let the bubbles flow.

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