Here are 6 extremely helpful beauty rules every bride should consider before her big day

If you’re about to get married, chances are you’ve put a ton of thought into what kind of dress you’ll want to walk down the aisle in and how you’ll get into the best possible shape for your big day. But one thing you might not be considering? Your beauty plan!

It’s no secret that every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day, and while the most important thing about your wedding is the fact that you’re marrying someone you love, every girl deserves to look back at those pictures and adore the way she looks in them.

If you’re anything like me, you plan on wearing a lot more makeup than you do on a day-to-day basis and giving your hair more attention than ever before. While these steps will help you look special, they also come with their fair share of risks. That’s why it’s important for you to think about you’ll approach your wedding-day beauty game well ahead of time. No one wants to deal with a beauty blunder on the biggest day ever, after all!

I’ve found that these six rules are essential to keep in mind if you want things to go as smoothly as possible, at least where beauty is concerned.

1Book your hair and makeup trials MONTHS ahead of time

Think a month or two before the wedding is a good time to schedule your makeup trial? Think again. I was guilty of this during my wedding, but you definitely should plan better. Schedule your hair and makeup trials about six months before your wedding (maybe even more if you plan on getting married during wedding season) so you have time to get a trial run in,  and then reserve your wedding date. It might sound like a lot of time, but artists get booked up quickly, and you don’t want to find yourself in a bind!

2DON’T schedule your first facial ever a week before the big day

Have you heard that every bride should have a facial a week before her wedding? That might be good advice…but there’s a SERIOUS caveat. You should only do this if you’ve gotten a few facials in the past and haven’t noticed any bad reactions to them. If you’re confident that your skin can handle a treatment, be sure to schedule it with the same aesthetician and opt for the exact same facial as you always get. Which brings us to our next rule…

3Don’t use any new products in the month leading up to your wedding

Keep your skin care and makeup routine nice and consistent — after all, you never know what ingredients might break you out or irritate your skin, so be careful about introducing anything new into the mix. Since reactions can occur weeks after exposure, you want to stick to this rule for about a month before the wedding.

4Live a healthy lifestyle

A huge part of beauty isn’t just about the products you use, it’s about your overall well-being. Get lots of sleep, eat your veggies and drink TONS of water to get your skin looking better than ever.

5If possible, schedule your hair and makeup trials on the same day

It’s a good idea to get a picture of how your whole look will come together, so giving your hair and makeup a try all at once might be smart. That way, you’ll know ahead of time if the two looks don’t mesh well. It’s all about balance: A gorgeous updo might look too “done” if you pair it with a dramatic makeup look, so it’s a good idea to get the full effect well in advance.

6Wear white to your makeup trial

You’ll want to get a good look at how all the colors work together, so putting on a white (or whatever color you’ll be wearing as a bride!) t-shirt will help you get a good sense of how things will look at the main event.

Hopefully these tips will help you as you plan the most beauty-ful (see what I did there?) day of your life. Happy planning!

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