Here are 11 restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day, in case you really don’t want to cook

There’s so much pressure put on the big meal, that sometimes we forget about lunch. Or, perhaps — like the plot of every Thanksgiving-themed sitcom episode ever — you didn’t get to make it home in time for the big day. Regardless of the reason, you may be wondering which restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day. And it’s an important thing to research before going out and facing restaurant rejection.

Obviously, the restaurants listed will be chains. Locally, you can probably figure out if your favorite diner will be open through their Facebook page. When a small business is open on such a big day, there’s no doubt about it — you’ll be notified.

And speaking of, some of these chains may choose to close early if nobody ends up showing up. So, nothing is guaranteed — but, at least you have a few blueprints to help point you in the right direction while seeking out grub on Thanksgiving Day.

Speaking of, if you’re craving turkey, some of these restaurants will have their own Thanksgiving deals. So, that’s just another incentive to treat yourself this Thanksgiving without having to deal with dishes in the sink that probably won’t get done until the next day. (Even if you have a dishwasher, there’s just a ton of them.)


If you’re a fan of Applebee’s, you’re in luck — most locations will be open. Of course, you might want to check their website to double check that your local restaurant won’t close their doors.

2Boston Market

Boston Market has confirmed that not only will their restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day, but they’ll be serving a traditional plated meal. Taking a look at their holiday menu, it sounds pretty delicious.


Pancakes for Thanksgiving? Sure, why not! Back in 2011, Natalia Franco, IHOP’s senior vice president, marketing, stated that IHOP was the perfect destination for families who wanted to fuel up before getting started with their holiday shopping. She’s not wrong.

4Maggiano’s Little Italy

Not only will Maggiano’s be open, but participating restaurants have started a tradition where they’re offering to bring food to you at your own home. According to their website, they want to “start a new tradition” in order for their customers to “spend time with the ones you love.” Pretty cool.


Denny’s big claim to fame is that they’re always open, and that includes Thanksgiving. They’ll even be offering a holiday menu for those who decide to drive over.

6Ruby Tuesday

According to their Facebook page, the exact hours that Ruby Tuesday will be open vary by location — so you might want to call ahead. But chances are, your location will be open. Which is great,  since Thanksgiving at your aunt’s house three states over probably doesn’t have a salad bar.

7Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze will be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. in select locations, which is perfect — since even if you don’t eat there, it’s a great place to get drinks and meet up with your friends back home after celebrating with family. According to their communications team, the Cherry Hill, King of Prussia, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Orlando, Kissimmee, and Lake Buena Vista locations will be open and celebrating the day with live music.

8Charlie Brown’s

Charlie Brown’s is also offering a Thanksgiving-to-go, if you order 48 hours in advance. But if you’re looking to get out of the house, their restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day as well. And their menu for the big day looks amazing.

9Legal Sea Foods

In the mood for some shellfish? Well you’re in luck. According to their website, select locations will be serving “everything from stuffed turkey to stuffed lobster” on Thanksgiving Day.

10Waffle House

 Were you surprised? Waffle House literally never closes, which is one of the many reasons why it’s so appealing. Not only will their restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day, but Christmas as well. (We can’t help but think ahead.)

11Cracker Barrel

Every Cracker Barrel is set to be open on Thanksgiving Day, which is something worth celebrating.

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