Meet Herbert, the dog who smiles on demand

We’ve fallen in love, guys. Puppy love!

It’s been a pretty tough week, but a five-month-old rescued American Staffordshire Terrier who smiles on demand is just the ray of sunshine we needed. Herbert’s foster mom, Amanda Robles, recently posted a Facebook video of the little cutie smiling every time she says, “Say cheese.” The Internet will never be the same. So far, the video has been viewed over 13 million times. Can you hear the collective AWWWW going on all over the world???

Herbert has a lot to smile about these days (aside from being an Internet sensation and everything). Right before Christmas, rescue group PAWS Chicago saved him from a Chicago pound. According to ABC News, Herbert was just days away from being euthanized. (Sob!)

Poor Herbert came to PAWS sick with canine influenza and terribly shy. Sarah McDonald, the no-kill shelter’s associate director for media and community relations, told ABC, “The best thing about the video is seeing Herbert come out of his shell. When he first came to us, he was really timid and he displayed some signs showing he was under-socialized. His feet were splayed, which probably means he may have spent a lot of his puppyhood in a cage.”

No worries, though. With the help of his foster mom, Herbert has gained his confidence and become quite the charmer (as evidenced by his MILLIONS of fans). Something tells us that he’ll have no trouble finding a permanent home when he becomes available for adoption in the coming days.

Say cheese, Herbert! Your future is looking bright.

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[Image and video via Facebook.]

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