Herbal Outfitters opens in Alaska, and it’s not a clothing store

It’s been two years since recreational pot use was legalized in Alaska. But now, after a long wait, the very first shop will be offering Alaska’s first legal marijuana sales. The grand opening of Herbal Outfitters in Valdez is scheduled for today, and we think we know what many Valdez citizens will be doing tonight. We’re onto you, Alaska.

The sale of marijuana at Herbal Outfitters will be the very first time anyone has legally bought pot under the voter initiative approved in November 2014. The Alaskan law makes it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to possess once ounce of marijuana outside the home.


But it’s still illegal and extremely unsafe to drive while under the influence, and it can result in a DUI.

It’s also illegal to consume marijuana in any public space, according to the Alaska Division of Public Health. But as long as people follow the laws and are safe about their usage, all else is fair game.


Herbal Outfitters’ general manager Derek Morris said that for now the store will only carry dried cannabis flowers. Edibles and other concentrates are still in the permitting process, according to Fortune.

Not surprisingly, Morris said that he expects the store to be pretty busy during opening weekend. He’s been told that people throughout the state plan on making a trip to Valdez to visit the store. Because of course they are.

Happy Halloween, indeed.