Her Universe’s new “Doctor Who” collection perfectly channels 1950s British royalty

Have you ever wondered what The Queen might wear if she were a big Doctor Who fan? If that’s a question that’s kept you up at night, get ready to start sleeping peacefully. Her Universe has just launched a brand new Doctor Who collection, and the inspiration behind it is literally what The Queen would wear if she loved TARDIS blue — and supposedly, she actually does.

"I've heard a rumor for a long time that the Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of Doctor Who," Ashley Eckstein, the founder of Her Universe, explained to HelloGiggles over the phone. "If back in the '50s, the Queen was showing off her fandom with pride, this is what I think she would have worn. I was inspired by the era, and this is kind of like my ode to the Queen from one fangirl to another — if the rumor is true. I chose her as my muse and this is my ode to the Queen."

Whether or not Queen Elizabeth II has kept up with every Doctor — from the First Doctor all the way up to the upcoming Thirteenth Doctor — is neither here nor there. The shirts, skirts, dresses, and cardigans in this new collection aren’t just about being royal, but feeling like royalty when you step out in them, and just so happen to be plastered with so much blue plaid.

"When I think of a really good plaid I think of the U.K.," Eckstein said. "I wanted to do different plaids, where we incorporated the TARDIS, or the Police Call Box stripe into the plaid. It's definitely a nod to multiple things. It's a nod to my love of Doctor Who, it's a nod to my love of the British culture, the British lifestyle, and it's a nod to my love of the Royal Family."

That’s a whole lot of love to fold into a dozen brand new items, and the attention to detail is — to borrow from the Ninth Doctor — pretty fantastic. Every single piece has “a special little icon, which is the Union Jack flag inside the TARDIS,” and the goal was not to go all out with the Doctor, but rather “something more subtle, so you can show off your fandom [and have] a little inside nod.”

And in case you’re wondering, the collection was actually in the works before the Thirteenth Doctor was announced — who just happens to be the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker. Rather, Eckstein was looking to the idea of strong, powerful women, and “was inspired with the hope that there could be a female Doctor.”

"I definitely kept in mind an empowering female as my muse, with the thought of like, wouldn't it be really cool if there was a female Doctor? Would she even wear something like this? Would she wear one of these plaids in the part of her costume? Definitely all of that was in the back of my mind."

Looking at these new designs, it’s safe to assume all strong, powerful women — including the new Doctor! And maybe The Queen! — will want to snag these items.

Doctor Who Toggle Coat


Coming soon from Her Universe, and available here in plus sizes. 

Doctor Who Necktie Blouse and Plaid Skirt


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Doctor Who Flyaway Cardigan and Art Nouveau T-Shirt — Her Universe


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Doctor Who Cardigan and Trench Coat


Buy the cardigan here, and trench coat here

Doctor Who Necktie Blouse and Plaid Swing Midi Skirt


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Doctor Who Plaid Halter Dress


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Doctor Who Plaid Leggings


Coming soon from Her Universe, and available here in plus sizes. 

The collection is available *right now* at Torrid and Hot Topic, and will be arriving soon at Her Universe. Allons-y!