Her Universe has invaded shopDisney with “Star Wars,” and here are 11 things you need to buy like, yesterday

Good news for you, bad news for your wallets. Her Universe, the lifestyle brand founded by Ashley Eckstein, is going somewhere they’ve never been before: The Disney Store.

Her Universe has long been partnered with Disney to bring us all things Princesses, Parks, Star Wars, and Marvel, but for the first time you’ll be able to find the brand’s adorable collections right in the mall. You can already snag Her Universe things at places like Hot Topic and BoxLunch, and now, with the addition of Disney stores across the country, you have a greater chance of getting your hands on that Star Wars coat you’ve been eyeing for months.

Oh yeah, and you can pick it up on shopDisney.com, too — some items will even be shopDisney.com exclusives. That sound you hear is your money slowly leaving your bank account. Her Universe is available online right now, and will hit Disney stores across the country on December 15th.

So since you’re probably looking to pick up a few more holiday presents (or hey, even a little something for yourself), here are some of the best things you can snag online right now. Go ahead and apologize to your credit, but hey, at least it’s getting a workout.

1Stormtrooper pullover sweater, $59.95.


Buy here.

2Porgs cardigan, $54.95.


Buy here.

3BB-8 poodle skirt, $74.95.


Buy here.

4Princess Leia quilted vest, $44.95. 


Buy here.

5Princess Leia cape coat, $49.95. 


Buy here.

6Star Wars pullover sweater, $59.95. 


Buy here.

7Captain Phasma jacket, $89.98. 


Buy here.

8BB-8 hooded sweatshirt, $29.95. 


Buy here.

940th anniversary satin jacket, $79.95. 


Buy here.

10Chewbacca vest, $89.95. 


Buy here.

11Kylo Ren shredded tank top, $29.95.


Buy here.

You can shop the whole collection right here. Bye money, it was nice knowing you.