“Hepeating” is a new word you can use to describe sexist interactions with dudes

Picture this: You’re in a meeting, brainstorming new ideas with your coworkers. While the boardroom may be filled primarily with dudes, you still feel confident because you have an idea that you know everyone will love. But then, when you say it, it’s ignored…until the office bro across from you says the exact same thing in fewer words, only to be met with approval. Say hello to the word that describes this situation: “hepeating.”

Coined by Twitter, the word hepeating describes when a woman suggests an idea that is promptly ignored, and then loved when a man steals it and frames it as his own.

Hepeating was brought to our attention by Nicole Gugliucci, and it’s the word we need to know this year.

Who hasn’t been in this situation? We can’t count how many times we’ve been hepeated (see how fun this word is?), but at least we can now call it out as soon as we see it. And since this tweet has racked up over 67,000 retweets and 200,000 likes, it looks like it may actually catch on.

Nicole continues the Twitter thread by pointing out that this also happens to men of color all the time. Pretty much, if you’re not a white dude in power, you’re hepeated. But finally, the time has come to fight back with our words.

To combat being hepeated, we must stick together.

Someone else on Twitter pointed out that to combat this — if it’s happening to a woman, for example — another woman must make the same point as the previous woman, so men don’t have time to jump in and take all the credit for her idea.

We are here for this. Together we can combat hepeating, once and for all.

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