5 pictures of Henry Cavill’s “Mission: Impossible” mustache — aka the mustache that destroyed “Justice League”

There’s a brand new trailer for the latest Mission: Impossible movie, and it features Tom Cruise falling out of things a bunch of times, like falling out of trucks, and off of motorcycles, and at one point free-falling out of a helicopter (he’s such a ‘lil daredevil). But even more exciting than watching Tom Cruise fall a bunch of times, the trailer for the movie gives us a glimpse at the real star of the latest film: Henry Cavill’s mustache.

Henry Cavill’s mustache in Mission: Impossible deserves its own starring credit. It’s just…very large, in a glorious kind of way. It’s an impressive mustache. It’s also impressive because it’s the mustache that literally derailed Justice League for Warner Bros. in a hilarious fashion. 

You see, Justice League needed to go through some reshoots, but Henry Cavill (who plays Superman in the movie) was already filming Mission: Impossible. He already had his magnificent Mission: Impossible mustache. Paramount very politely told Warner Bros. that Henry Cavill could not shave his mustache for the Justice League reshoots, which means that Henry Cavill had to reshoot some of Justice League with his mustache. Somewhere, there’s footage of Superman with a mustache — but you didn’t actually *see* it in the movie, as Warner Bros. had to digitally edit it out, and the results were…well…if you’ve seen the movie you know.

Now we have our first look at Henry Cavill’s mustache in all its glory in the movie it was grown for. While yes, it’s always exciting to see Tom Cruise do some death-defying stunts, it’s another thing to look at Henry Cavill’s mustache, which we are going to do right now:

1Here’s one picture with him and Angela Bassett:

2Here’s a nice close up of Henry and his mustache:

3Henry and his mustache in a hallway, on their way to work:

4Henry angrily hanging out of a helicopter with a giant gun and his very angry mustache:

5A .gif of Henry and his mustache fighting the bad guys:


I guess if you want to see the whole trailer, and not just parts that include Henry Cavill’s mustache, you can here:


Mission Impossible — Fallout hits theaters on July 7th, 2018. Henry’s mustache included.