Henry Cavill casually wandered around New York in his Superman costume, and no one noticed

Henry Cavill managed to pull quite the Clark Kent move in New York City earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star posted a video of himself wandering around Times Square. Watching the vid, you’ll notice that a) he adorably opted to don a Superman t-shirt (but sadly skipped the Buddy Holly specs), b) Times Square is COVERED in ads for BvS, and c) no one seemed to realize one of the guys on all those billboards was walking among them.

While Cavill isn’t the most famous guy, he’s still our latest Superman, so you’d think people would be up in his business. Still, anyone who’s spent even a day in Times Square probably isn’t all that surprised by this. It takes a lot for a person to get noticed — even a famous one like Cavill.

Of course, maybe that was all part of his plan. Sure, Cavill is in town for the BvS premiere, but he probably didn’t want to spend the day mobbed by fans. Well played, Cavill. Well played.