Henry Cavill said goodbye to his legendary mustache in the best way — with a Sarah McLachlan tribute video

The story of Henry Cavill’s mustache is nothing short of legendary. His love for it is one thing, but the CGI atrocity in which Justice League digitally removed it is just — no, we’re not going to talk about that just yet. Unfortunately, Henry Cavill said goodbye to his gorgeous mustache this week, but at least he gave us all room to grieve! Cavill posted a mustache tribute video to Instagram, set to Sarah McLachlan. Because, of course he did.

ICYMI: Henry Cavill loved his mustache even more than his fans did, so this goodbye video makes total sense.

Seriously, no one loved Henry Cavill’s mustache like the actor loved his mustache. He’d occasionally let it take over his Instagram account, posting paragraph-length captions about its own “bristly glory”. Incredible, right? One might think that was the end of it, but no. Because Cavill recorded a goodbye video, post-shave. Is he in a fluffy bathrobe? Yes. Does he have a towel on his head to dry his hair? Absolutely. Why? Who knows! It’s better not to question something this delightful. Truly, it’s perfect.

Behold, Henry Cavill’s stately goodbye video to his mustache, set to Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You.”

But actually, we will remember you, mustache. Also, do you, dear readers, have a favorite part? Because ours is totally…never mind! We won’t spoil it.

Okay, now that you’ve seen it, it’s *totally* the part where he answers his own voiceover in the mirror. Swoon.

If you don’t totally understand why this man loves his ‘stache so much, here’s some quick backstory on #MustacheGate.

Cavill was proud of the ‘stache that he’d grown for the latest Mission Impossible sequel, but the facial hair brought about some serious #drama. He was contractually obligated to keep the mustache, and filmed his scenes in Justice League with it accordingly. Superman with a mustache? Is it hot in here, or is it just that idea?

Sadly, Warner Bros. and D.C. decided that Cavill’s ‘stache did not work. They edited it off of his face in post-production. So Henry Cavill basically had a CGI upper lip in Justice League

Anyway, despite all the drama, Cavill’s love for his mustache never waned. And TBH, same.

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