Henry Cavill has the cutest giant dog and we. must. pet.

It makes sense that Superman would have a super dog. But OMG, have you ever seen a giant dog this cute?? Instagram is blessing the world with Henry Cavill’s photos of his huge, fluffy, dog, Kal. We need to meet this guy...mostly to pet his dog!

Kal is seriously the cutest, biggest fluffball.

He’s an American Akita, which means he’s soft, snuggly, and oh yeah, did we mention huge?

He’s so big that Henry Cavill calls him a “traveling bear.”

Look, a lot of us swoon over Henry Cavill himself. Who wouldn’t? The man is downright dreamy.

But now that we know he’s got a pooch with this much fluff…let’s be honest, we might be more excited to meet Kal than his owner.

LOOK AT THAT FACE. Sorry to be so excitable, but listen, we’re actually not sorry. Kal is so freaking cute we might just have a heart attack if we don’t get to smooch his fluffy face sometime soon.

Kal gets to travel with his dad a lot, which any bear/dog would think is pretty cool.

Henry is known to post super sweet snapshots of Kal on the road with the hashtag #TheTravelingBear.

It’s very obvious to us that Kal knows the answer to the time-honored question often asked of dogs, “Who’s a good boy?” To be that chill on the road, this pup’s obviously a very good boy.

No space? No problem. Kal will just curl right up on Henry’s feet. Good grief, how could you stand to be around something so lovable all day long! Well, come to think of it, Henry Cavill has to look in the mirror a lot and not be moved by his own perfection, so he’s probably got a lot of practice when it comes to handling being around cuteness.

Listen, Kal, if you ever need a sitter, we’re here for you (private plane not included).