Hemp coffee is a thing now, and it might actually be healthy

You may have heard of hemp being used in clothing and food, but coffee, too?! Yup, hemp coffee is a thing now, reported Men’s Journal, and it might actually be healthy. Lee Breslouer from Men’s Journal tried Native Jack Nitro Café Americano, and it didn’t taste like “java infused with bong water,” he said.

“It’s a surprisingly smooth, creamy coffee drink with a touch of sugar (6g), Breslouer said. “If Native Jack owner Jason Walsh is right, adding hempseed oil to coffee might be the start of a new trend.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The coffee contains hempseed oil, according to Native Jack’s website, and it’s cold-pressed from raw shelled hemp seeds.

Aside from giving you a caffeine and energy boost, the coffee is worth drinking for the health benefits, as well. The organic hemp itself contains Omega-3, Omega-6, and GLA/SDA fatty acids (read: all good for you). It has more essential fatty acids than other vegetable oils, Native Jack states on their site.

And, no, the Native Jack Nitro Café Americano does ~not~ contain THC.

ICYMI, nitro cold brew coffee is when coffee grounds steep in room temperature or cold water for several hours. And, yes, the coffee is infused with nitrogen gas. Often, you’ll find it served from a keg at a coffee shop — unless you buy it in cans, of course.

Native Jack says they brew theirs for over 12 hours. W-o-w.

As you know, cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, so we may see hemp coffee on more and more store shelves in the future.

A coffee drink + added health benefits? We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely intrigued.