Help Me Plan A Vegas Vacation

I’m currently in the investigational/planning stages for a trip to Sin City. Actually, to say I’m “planning” is not entirely accurate. I’m doing something a little different (and very out-of-character for me) this time. Aside from researching hotels and scoping out some restaurants online, I haven’t planned anything. That’s right, I’m making a conscious effort to NOT.PLAN. I’m thinking it’ll be a short trip, more of a long weekend-type thing, and I want to try a new approach. Baby steps, am I right?

So, the only thing I’m sure of so far is that I won’t be arriving with an itinerary planned out to the minute. I’m abandoning my usual vacation schedule, a carefully researched perfect balance of informational/historic sightseeing and scheduled fun. That’s right, I’m going to see what happens. And it’s kind of killing me. But I’m taking deep breaths and trying to focus on being spontaneous (instead of imagining all the things that could go wrong because I didn’t plan ahead). That’s where you guys come in.

I’ve been to Vegas before, about a million years ago as a just-graduated-from-college-with-no-money adult, but my traveling companion is a Vegas virgin. So, I thought I’d outsource my planning to all you Vegas experts out there. Here are the details: we’re not huge foodies, so I don’t think we’ll investigate anyone’s recommendation to eat something weird like octopus or scorpions-on-a-stick (I don’t even know if they have that kind of stuff out there; I just tried to think of the weirdest food I’ve heard of people actually consuming).

We’re also not huge gamblers (you might be asking yourself, so why are you going to Las Vegas?! And I’d say to you, cheap flights and unrivaled people-watching). Don’t get me wrong, I plan on making my grandma proud and playing some slots, but we won’t be spending all our time trying our luck at the tables. I picture a lot of laying-by-the-pool action happening. Most of the reason I’m not planning anything is because this is supposed to be a relax-cation (I totally just coined that term. I think). The main focus is supposed to be on fun-having, not sightseeing.

My last few trips have been get-up-at-8-am-and-get-going, full-on-scheduled sightseeing extravaganzas. And you know what, guys? While I love those kinds of adventures, I’m tired. Nothing sounds better to me right now than staying out late, sleeping in and relaxing all day. Whether “relaxing” means laying by the pool one day, and hiking up and down the Strip the next, I’m open to that. It’s time to mix things up a bit and try a new approach to how I travel.

I’d love any tips you have, from where to eat to the best shows to see. Can you still find cool free stuff to do, or does it cost you just to stand on the sidewalk? What are some insider tips and off-the-beaten-path advice you can offer me? Best buffet? Most overrated restaurant? And is there anything in the vast desert beyond the Strip?

Any and all advice, tips and tricks are welcome and appreciated. Let’s share in the comments!

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