Your HelloGiggles horoscope, April 1st to 7th: Get up, because the games are about to begin

It’s April! Meaning, if you didn’t know, that we’re also in the middle of Aries season. This means spring showers will definitely bring you some May flowers, but only if you use the passionate energy of this month to make things happen. Because April + Aries = a month of awareness, ambition, and action, making it the ultimate A-Team.

Buuuut let’s not forget Mercury Retrograde (how could we?). That little planet is going to try really hard to throw a monkey wrench into your best laid plans until April 15th. The solution? Patience while also brainstorming new strategies. This is the perfect time to think outside of the box.

So go on with your bad self and get yours. Here’s what the stars have in store for your weekly horoscope during this last week of March.


You’re thinking of all that you’re LACKING, Aries, which is no bueno. While looking for ways to improve your life is commendable, you’re also known to sell yourself short. This is your birthday season, so it’s a perfect time to celebrate YOU and to recognize all that you DO have.


Your ruling planet, Venus, is hanging out in your sign for most of the month, Taurus, and this is a really cool thing. Why? Because this is a great time to really enjoy all the things you love — like good food, fancy clothing, and some downtime. So treat yourself this week to one or all of the above.


You usually don’t like to ask for help, Gemini, but if you want to get to where you want to go, you’ll have to. Focus on broadening your networks and/or calling up a relative or a friend for some assistance this week. Remember: There’s no shame in needing some support.


You might meet a new friend this week, Cancer. Though you very rarely leave your tight squad, it would do you some good to open up your circle to a new pal. New friendships are a great way to grow and evolve — especially because they help us realize that we’re sometimes holding onto people we no longer need in our lives.


You’re feeling a little bored, Leo. Though it might not be the best time to start anything super new (thanks Mercury Retrograde), now is the perfect time to brainstorm ideas of what you might want to try in order to spice things up. A trip? A new hobby? Dream big and be patient. You’ll get there.


You’re a pretty even-tempered soul, Virgo, but when you’re angry — you get ANGRY. This is perfectly okay, by the way. In fact, it’s really healthy to feel your feelings as well as to express them. Don’t let your emotions fester. Let that boss/friend/roommate know what’s upsetting you and then let it go.


You’re all about self-worth this week, Libra. You’re questioning it, wanting to honor it. First thing’s first — you ALWAYS have value. You don’t need to have something or BE anything else — just BEING is more than enough. But if you must be literal, then yes, ask for a raise. Because you deserve it.


This is like your January, Scorpio, in terms of you wanting to revamp your fitness and wellness routines. You’re super motivated to hit the gym, clean out your diet, and try to meditate on the regular once and for all. Jump starting a new routine is awesome (just don’t forget to take it one step at a time).


You’ve been flying solo for far too long, Sag, and now you’re ready to get your flirt on. Wear your most flattering outfits this week and say “yes” when that new hottie asks you out. You’re more than ready to meet someone new. Attached? Get out of your comfort zone and leave the house for a sexy date night.


It’s time to set yourself free, Cappy. Whether that means you finally drop that grudge against an old friend or stop blaming yourself for a missed opportunity, it’s time to forgive and release. That yucky energy is only holding you back from truly moving forward. Plus, forgiveness truly feels good. Try it!


You’re exhausted by doing everything for other people this week, Aquarius. It would be super easy to get cranky and bite back at the friends and fam in your life, but that’s not going to help you or them. Now is the time to establish boundaries and take a moment to DO YOU.


You’re questioning your security this week, Pisces. Whether it’s that hot-and-cold relationship or your finances, you’re not only craving stability but you’re also thinking long-term. You want a long-term partnership! You want a solid savings account! So do what you need to do to get what you want, fishy!

Make your plans, take some steps, but be gentle with yourselves this week, friends. Remember: no one needs to validate you but YOU. Until next week, bbs!

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