Your HelloGiggles horoscope, March 25th to 31st: I guess we should socialize?

Oh, March. What a month, huh? We’ve already had a full moon, Daylights Savings, the Spring Equinox, the Astrological New Year, Mercury Retrograde, and now we’re capping off this relentless 31 days with another full moon, also known as a Blue Moon. Whereas the first full moon of March was in Virgo, this second one appears in Libra, which means the signs will be feeling a bit more sociable — even altruistic —  this week.

Here’s what the stars have in store for your weekly horoscope:


It’s time to spring clean your life, Aries! Which means you’ll be focused on not only purging your closet this week, but also purging toxic friendships, projects, and basically everything and anything that no longer belongs in your world. Don’t look back — because you’ve got a brighter future ahead of you, babe.


You’ve been going through a hard time, Taurus, but it’s important to remember that everyone hurts (just like that REM song). This means you’ve been receiving more than you’ve been giving. It’s time for you to show up for your friends and fam no matter how crappy you feel. Give the love you’ve been shown — you’ll feel better, too.


Take a look at your daily habits this week, Gemini, looking at which ones support your long-term goals, and which ones don’t. Does your snooze button habit support your dream of creating a side hustle? Every little thing does add up when it comes to success. It’s time to focus on what matters most.


You’re in a period of transition right now, Cancer, so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling emosh and just not sure of where you need to be right now. Truthfully, you need to take some space right now. As the cobwebs clear out from your life, you’ll need alone time to recharge so you can better greet your new world.


I mean this with all the love in the world, Leo, but not everything is about YOU. Yes, you love being the center of attention, and everyone loves that about you, but it’s super important for you to not only take things less personally right now, but to also give someone else the spotlight. It’ll make you look (and feel) good.


You’re feeling super impatient this week, Virgo, which is sooooo unlike you. You’ll feel compelled to make things happen but that’s pretty much the worst thing you can do. You can blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but now it’s important to let go and let the Universe figure it all out. #Trust


You’re in for a reality check this week, Libra. You’ve been living in a bit of a fantasy world lately. Maybe you’ve been crushing on someone who’s not worthy of your attention or thinking a VIP will “discover” you without having to put in the work. It’s time to accept life as IT IS and prioritize what you need to do to get what you want. You’ve got this.


You’re feeling unstoppable this week, Scorpio. If you want to go get it, you def can. But the Universe is serving up some major distractions for you right now, which is really just a test for you to decide what’s truly important in your life. Will you push forward or get swept up with the drama? The choice is yours.


Feeling a little restless, Sag? You’re the adventurer of the zodiac so desiring freedom and travel is very natural to you. However, you’re gonna have to cool your wanderlust. For the moment. It’s not the perf time to make major moves (thanks, Mercury Retrograde), so your goal should be to make the most out of your everyday. Follow your curiosity! Locally.


You’re impeccable with your word, Cappy, which is why people love working with you. But it’s important to make sure that you’re doing work that you actually want to do. You don’t have to say “yes” when it doesn’t FEEL like a “yes.” It’s okay to follow your heart more than once in a while, and it’s also okay to say NO.


You’re not feeling appreciated, Aquarius, which is no bueno. So what should you do? For starters, if you’re looking for more recognition at your job, then this might be the push you need to look for a new gig. If you’re feeling neglected by bae, let them know! Basically, don’t wallow, but take action. It’s the only way you’ll feel more in control of your life.


It’s time to speak your mind, Pisces. Yes, it’s scary and vulnerable, but because you are so in touch with your emotions, you’re actually born to voice your truth. Don’t let the world convince you that your words don’t matter. They do. It’s cliché but it’s also true — the truth WILL set you free. So be free, love!

There are a lot of changes going on this week, but we totally got this. Until next week, babes!

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