Your HelloGiggles horoscope, March 18th to 24th: Slow the eff down

The Spring Equinox is here. But so is Mercury Retrograde. And it’s officially Aries season. What a week, huh? So what are we to do? First, breathe. Next, keep dreaming and believing in your highest visions, but don’t take tons of action toward your goals juuuuuust yet. Allow things to unfold as naturally as they can while also having as much fun as you can. It’s spring, after all.


It’s time to slow your roll a bit this week, Aries. You won’t like it. But resisting will only make matters worse. With Mercury Retrograde beginning this week — and in your sign! — you’ll be feeling its effects way more than those around you. So chill. It’s your birthday after all — enjoy and relax.


You can be a sloth in human form, Taurus. No judgment! But let’s be honest: you’d win at the Napping Olympics. Well, this week, embrace your inner sloth without shame. Taking things slooooowly while also taking time to sleep will do wonders for your soul. Just refrain from doing online shopping. That’s a hole you’ll never leave.


You’ll be cutting some major ties this week, Gemini. Maybe it’s a toxic friendship or a bad habit, but whatever it is, it’s time to let it go. Once you do, you will feel super light and way more confident than you have in a while. Just make sure you think before you speak — otherwise your words could come back to haunt you.


You’re obsessed with your career right now, Cancer. However, since Mercury Retrograde starts this week, now is the time to refrain from signing contracts or starting new projects. Instead take this time to focus on making plans, researching job prospects, and polishing up your resume. You’ll live your boss babe dreams yet!


This is a good week to reconnect with friends and even possibly old lovers, Leo. Don’t be surprised if nostalgia hits you hard in the feels, making you want to take a lil’ stroll down memory lane. However, we’re in Mercury Retrograde, so not all that glistens is gold. Be aware of illusions and delusions.


Things are going to get majorly intense for you this week, Virgo. Emotional outbursts are not your forte, but everyone needs a good cry once in a while. Let it all out, friend. If you need some alone time, do it. Protect your heart at this time and do what you need to do to put your self-care first.


You’ll be dealing with some major blasts from the past, Libra. From old friends to ex-lovers, you’ll be receiving some random texts and DMs that will get you feeling all kinds of feels. This is *not* the time to rekindle anything, but the time to remember the lessons you’ve received from these people — and then LET THEM GO (again).


You’re definitely feeling yourself this week, Scorpio. You’re pushing forward with your professional projects and focusing on your fitness. Enjoy this week as much as you can because Mercury Retrograde is going to shake things up for you soon! Remember how good you feel now and try to embody that moving forward.


You’re focused on making $$$ and being the #girlboss of your dreams, Sag. Mercury Retrograde isn’t the best time to start projects, but it’s a great time to revisit old projects to revise and perfect them. Don’t be surprised if old love interests try to distract you from your goals. Make out with them, but don’t commit!


You’ve been feeling a little lost lately, Capricorn, but never fear: your aimless energy is about to get a serious jolt. Mercury Retrograde will actually give you the push you need as you reflect on past goals and dreams, which will give you some much-needed inspiration.


You’re feeling some deep feelings, Aquarius. You’re wondering if you’re living life to the fullest and if you’re being all you can be. Self-reflection is important, but don’t let it get you down. Take the time to acknowledge all the things you have achieved and make a gratitude list. You’ll feel better. Promise.


This is *the* week for you to stand up for yourself, Pisces. No one puts Baby in the corner (Baby being you in this scenario). Dare to speak your mind and live your truth. Get clear on your worth and make it known to bosses, baes, and besties. What’s wrong with being confident? NOTHING.

Until next week’s horoscopes, beauties.