Your HelloGiggles horoscope, April 22nd to 28th: Welcome to Pleasure Island

We’re now officially in Taurus season. While Aries season was all about fiery beginnings and movement, Taurus is about staying grounded and present. Curious about what the stars have in store for you this week? We’ve got you covered with your weekly horoscope.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which gives this time a sense of sensuality, pleasure, and love. “Feeling yourself” is pretty much the motto for the next few weeks. Taking the time for self-care sessions — like massages, mani/pedis, and weekly yoga classes — is a must. And don’t be surprised if your relationships, both romantic and platonic, also deepen. Here’s what else you can expect this week.


Happy birthday, Taurus! This is your time to let your hair down and really enjoy life. You’re finally feeling like yourself again, after a few weeks (maybe even months) of feeling kind of ugh. Which is why you might also want to get your flirt on. People are feeling your vibe right now.


Taurus season is asking you to go deep, Gemini. Your frivolous and light-hearted side resists self-reflection like the plague, but if you allow yourself to lean into doing some inner work, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover so many amazing rewards. Get your om on.


You’re in high spirits this week, Cancer. You’re all about spending time with those who you love the most in your life — Mom, your partner, your cat — maybe all at the same time! This time together will also help you recognize and implement boundaries, which is alllllways a good thing.


You’re on fire this week, Leo. The spotlight is on you and, naturally, you’re loving every moment. Your popularity will connect you with a number of people, including potential new besties, lovers, and even professional VIPs. Enjoy this light-hearted time because things will get deeper for you next week.


You’re super philosophical as it is, Virgo, but you’re going Oprah-deep this week. You’re excited to learn new theories, ideas, and basically anything that can elevate your mind and spirit. Don’t be surprised when you nab a professional coup — all that inner work is paying off.


You’re feeling more flirty than usual, Libra. You’re not only in the mood for connecting with potential dates and lovers, but you’re also ready to cement things. You want to get serious. No more “sliding into your DMs” or putting up with wishy-washy love. You want the real thing.


Your planetary ruler Pluto goes retrograde on April 22nd, Scorpio. This will affect all signs, but because it’s your ruler, you’ll feel it the most, obvs. Expect a rush of intense feelings and the desire to dig deep into issues that you might have long buried. It’s time to heal yo’ self.


It’s all about love this week, Sag. From connecting harmoniously with your friends and family to snagging a date with your new crush, you’re definitely feeling all warm and fuzzy. You’re also in a very forgiving mood. Forgiving others is amazing and healing, but don’t forget to forgive yourself too.


You’re feeling more chatty and sociable than usual, Cappy. As a result, you have a newfound confidence when it comes to connecting with people, especially those whom you might shy away from. So go ahead and send that important email to a job recruiter or chat up that cutie at the coffee shop. The stars have your back.


You kinda want to do your own thing this week, Aquarius. Whether that means chilling with the fam or starting a new creative project, you’re all about doing you. And the stars completely support this. You’re finally swinging into balance, which is an amazing feeling.


You’re feeling yourself this week, Pisces. You’re in the mood for a new look (it’s your idea of spring cleaning), so now is the time to overhaul your beauty routine and take advantage of Sephora’s Insider sale. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel beautiful, but mostly that makes you feel like YOU.


You’re slowing your roll a bit, Aries. Not too much — this is you, we’re talking about — but you’re giving yourself a break after the last few weeks of “go go go!” energy. Focus your time on those people and projects that give you joy, and let the rest go. Until next week, anyway.

Lots of friendly and grounded energy this week, friends, and dare I say, we deserve it. Enjoy your week, bbs!

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