Introducing HelloGiggles Magazine, a version of HG you can hold in your hands

I’ve never worked for a print publication before. Born and raised on the internet, I’ve only written and edited for websites. So when I learned HelloGiggles had the opportunity to put out a magazine, I momentarily panicked and grappled with an existential crisis of sorts. A story without GIFs? Without video and Instagram embeds? Never mind the fact that once something has gone to print, I can’t go into the CMS and edit a typo. Scary!

But also? Exciting. I got over my knee-jerk fear and embraced HelloGiggles Magazine, a way of connecting with our readers in a way we never had before. With the help of some talented print folks at Meredith, we put together a gorgeous magazine that captures our digital presence along with our penchant for glitter and hunger for diverse storytelling. With support from brands like Maybelline, Garnier, Dove, Neutrogena, Love Beauty and Planet, OGX Beauty, L’Oreal, Herbal Essences, Jergens, and Talenti, we were able to bring our visions to life. In these IRL pages you can hold in your hands, you’ll find everything from a striking essay that follows one woman’s discovery that she isn’t, in fact, white. You’ll get to read a story about the weirdest gift our Deputy Editor has ever received from her family (a lipstick that promises to get her married within a year), an activity section for you and your BFF, and more.

The inaugural issue is due to be sent out on April 18th to select PEOPLE subscribers, and will also live on select shelves at Target, Walgreens, and Barnes & Noble starting the first week of May. We hope you can snag a copy. Have suggestions for the next issue? Send us a message on our Facebook page.

Thanks, fam. Enjoy!