HelloGiggles Exclusive: Rixton Tease Their ‘Make Out’ Video, Justin Bieber Style

Have you heard of Rixton yet? If not, get ready, cos they’ll soon be hitting up your airwaves and it’s gonna be great! The Pop & R&B band, who hail from the UK, are super talented and a lot of fun, to boot. Comprised of four guys – Jake Roche, 21, bass/keys and backing vocalist Danny Wilkin, 23, lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Charley Bagnell, 23, and drummer Lewi Morgan, 23 – they’ve gained lots of attention on YouTube through their awesome covers (seriously, check them out!) and recently signed to School Boy/ Giant Little Man/Interscope Records.

Their song ‘Make Out’ is just about to get a video, but not quite yet – that’ll be out October 22nd. In the meantime, HelloGiggles got an exclusive look at the clip and we can’t wait to see the whole thing! Watch below, and check out Rixton on Twitter @RixtonOfficial, on Facebook and on Instagram!


Featured image by Andrew McLeod