This HelloGiggles alumna created her own line of planners, and they’re brilliantly sassy

Pretty daily planners are an organization nut’s kryptonite. Trust us. We’re speaking from experience. Nothing makes the day sweeter like seeing your tasks listed in a clean and aesthetically pleasing fashion. If you’re like us, you’re going to freak over Pellatini planners.

Designed in “Babe Cave LA” by HelloGiggles alumna Vera Cai, these 17-month planners will get you through your August 2017 – December 2018 in serious style.

There are three designs to choose from — “Adultings’s Better Buzzed,” “Sassy As A Succulent,” and “Yas Yas Yas.” Plus, each planner has been crafted to channel positive energy into your plans and daily activities by way of energy crystals.

These power crystals can be slipped onto the planner’s elastic closure to channel specific energy into your book. For example, Rose Quartz can enhance love energy. Green Aventurine will give you luck. Blue Agate boosts confidence, Citrine improves happiness, and Amethyst aids tranquility.

So not only are you staying organized, but you’re also bettering your life with crystal magic! Pellatini planners just might change your life!

Don’t worry if you’re new to the crystal game. The planners also come with activation instructions explaining how to charge your crystal with intention, energy, and sunlight.

But even if you’re a non-believer in crystal energy, Pellatini planners are still a dream come true. The books come with snappy sayings at the beginning of each month that will give you a laugh to start your month off right.

And it’s proven that Pellatini planners are Instagramable AF.

The planners sell for $48, and each planner you buy comes with a power crystal of your choice. You can also buy additional power crystals for $14 each, to create a personalized mix of good juju to enhance your daily plans.

If you join the Pellatini Squad by entering your email address, you’ll receive 10% off your next order. And right now, the Pellatini Babes are running a $1 shipping campaign for all summer orders.

So if you ask us, now is the time to hop on the Pellatini planner train! Our hands are cramping just thinking about all the plans we want to write!

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