And now we present you: Mermaid Tales, an illustrated mermaid column!

Ahoy, humans!

Hans Christian Andersen — the author of pretty much everyone’s favorite story, The Little Mermaid — was born in April, so it’s fitting that this month be the start of “Mermaid Tails,” our new weekly column here at HelloGiggles.

As the creator of this series, I like to think that if mermaids existed today, they’d look something like this:


Meet our very own HelloGiggles mermaid!

I hope you like you what you see, and that you swim on by week after week. To tide you over ‘til next week, we highly recommend that you read Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale. You could even watch Disney’s version afterward, if you so choose. You can also read more about the man behind the mermaid because he lived a life as fascinating as his creation.

Sea y’all next week!