This Hello Kitty phone can’t take selfies, but we still need it immediately

I’ll be honest: I was totally all about the Hello Kitty back in elementary school. Sanrio made some sick cash off of me (or, rather, my well-meaning parents). I had the stickers, the stuffed animals, the plastic tea set that cracked after one use. I remember throwing a fit because my mother wouldn’t buy me some overpriced Hello Kitty towels. Yeah, I was a great kid.

So, the little girl in me is totally freaking out over news of this new Hello Kitty phone, available this Fall in Japan (and hopefully one day soon in the USA!). I mean, it comes in the shape of Hello Kitty! How cute is that? Sure, the 240×240 pixel screen is only 1.54 inches wide. And sure, it lacks a rear camera and it looks more like a Nokia phone from the ’90s (anyone up for a game of Snake?) than the smartphones of today, but it’s so. darn. cute.

Priced at only 12,000 yen (around $100), the phone is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, so it’s not totally useless. In fact, it totally works as a “budget” phone or a first phone for some lucky teen. And did I mention it’s shaped like Hello Kitty?! I’m giggling like a school girl just looking at it.

Maybe, if we are really lucky, the folks at Sanrio will release a whole series of Sanrio cellphones. I have my fingers crossed for a Chococat! No pressure. I’ll be thrilled if the Hello Kitty phone makes it to our continent.

(Images via Sanrio/OLA)