Hello Kitty coffee? Tell me more.

It wasn’t long ago that Hello Kitty declared she was not a cat. Well, technically the brand Sanrio declared this moment of truth for her — they said Hello Kitty is actually a little girl, not the cat we all believed her to be. A little girl who suspiciously looks a LOT like a cat, but I’m willing to let this slide, Sanrio. However, this earthshattering news (and for some, a deep betrayal) did not stop us from loving our beloved Hello Kitty. No way. In fact, we loved her more. 

We loved Hello Kitty so much, we apparently created coffee inspired by her. And that coffee will be available from November 14 to December 25 at the Hello Kitty Café in Japan. This delightful café also serves other Hello Kitty snacks, like Hello Kitty mousse, Hello Kitty sandwiches, and Hello Kitty hot cakes.

Live far away from Japan? It will be okay soon, I promise. The first Hello Kitty Café in the US (not including the Sanrio Cafe in Hawaii) is set to open by summer 2015 in Orange County, California. In fact, if you live in the area now, then you might have heard of the Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt, which started this Friday and lasts until November 21st. A bunch of restaurants in Los Angeles are participating in this marvelous event, creating their own unique spin on Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty pizza, Hello Kitty sushi, Hello Kitty donuts, and Hello Kitty cupcakes are just some of the glorious festivity noms.

If you can’t take a road trip to LA or fly out to Japan, here are some pictures of ALL the recent Hello Kitty culinary creations instead:

Just two frothy caffeinated beverages that look like Hello Kitty. No big deal or anything (This is a very big deal. I want this coffee now).

Two Hello Kitty donuts with sprinkles while you sip on your Hello Kitty espresso? Don’t mind if I DO.

Some beautiful mousse with an arrangement of fruit and whipped cream. Although we may not want to rush holiday season quite yet, I am totally on board with an official Hello Kitty holiday.

This is a Hello Kitty Sandwich with Hello Kitty chips and a smoothie in a little boot.

Ah, this pizza may just be the pinnacle of my HK dreams.

We’re not quite sure what that crispy-looking treat is, but it looks awfully delicious.

From now on, I want ALL of my rice to be shaped like Hello Kitty. Deal?

Last but not least, I’m leaving you with this elegant Hello Kitty scone. Because above all, our girl Kitty is a classy, adorable friend to us all.

Images via Erin Kuschner, Michael Juliano, Kotaku