OMG: This Hello Kitty gingerbread house is SO cute and we’re dying to take a bite

To add to the endless empire of brightly colored things we have heart eyes for, there is now a Hello Kitty cafe gingerbread house that exists in the world! Coming out of the bright pink sugary land also known as the Hello Kitty cafe (technically it is now a franchise with several branches), this Christmas you can purchase an edible gingerbread rendition that you can break into bite size pieces while sipping on coffee with a Hello Kitty mug.

The Hello Kitty Cafe Gingerbread House is exclusively available to purchase IRL at the Pop-Up Cafe at the Irvine Spectrum Center in California. This is unfortunate for all of us who would love to sink our teeth into a generously sprinkled gingerbread house with our favorite kitten.

In keeping with the theme, even the delivery vans they use at the pop-up look like they were invented by a starry-eyed fifth-grade girl.

That vehicle looks like it smells good.

Those lucky enough to live in California can also stop by the pop-up to snag some of their holiday cookies as well!

The flavors are Chocolate and Pompompurin (wait what?!).

At this point it’s safe to say that Hello Kitty has made their own version of anything you can think of.

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