The HelloGiggles Office Makeover: Revealed!

When we moved HelloGiggles into a new Downtown L.A. office earlier this year, we knew we wanted the space to reflect the fun, friendly vibe of the site, but we didn’t really know where to start. So we brought in the interior design powerhouses at Homepolish and their L.A. Creative Director Orlando Soria to bring our loft-like space to life. Homepolish is a national group of designers that handles everything from total renovations to perfect little finishing flourishes (you should totally check them out), we love their cool aesthetic and we knew they’d be perfect for the job. And they were! Partnering with AllModern and Blik Wall ArtOrlando transformed our barren office into something bright, colorful, DIY-friendly, and alive. Here’s how he did it. 

I recently had the pleasure of decorating the glamorous HelloGiggles office. It’s located in a beautiful stone building in Downtown LA, and features a ton of windows, natural light, lovely tall ceilings, and gorgeous poured concrete floors. It’s so pretty and cool that I immediately wanted to turn it into my house and stay there forever.  When I arrived, the space was bland and beige, but I brightened it up by painting the walls white and adding some awesome furnishings from AllModern. Below are some of my fave tips I used to re-imagine the HelloGiggles office, but you can use to add personality to any space, whether it be an office, a bedroom, or a treehouse.

Add Color

Don’t let your life be boring. Add color with art, accessories, furniture, or even a crazy accent wall. At HelloGiggles I brought in color in furniture and wall treatments, including some bright yellow bookcases, a removable wall sticker from Blik, a hand-painted graphic door, and a DIY bulletin board for their conference area. Make sure you are sticking to a consistent color palette when you add color to your space. Choose one or two main colors (for Hello Giggles I chose aqua) and add accent colors to give the space some pop.

Look for seating that is cool AND comfy

A lot of people think furniture has to be ugly in order to be comfy. NOT TRUE! I found some great desk chairs from AllModern that have a sleek, mid-century look and also provide great, comfortable support. Don’t settle for ugly! With a little bit of research (online and at local vintage shops) you can find something that’s not only good looking but also fun to sit on.

Bring in the wood!

Metallics, lacquer, concrete, and glass are all great materials, but they lack the warmth and earthy presence of wood. At Hello Giggles, I added wooden conference tables to give the space a more inviting, homey feel. Adding wood to your space will make it feel much cozier.

Add life with plants

Adding plants to a space literally brings life into a space. It’s a great way to add texture and color to your home and oxygen to your lungs. Look for plants that are the correct scale for your space (ie not so large that they crowd your space and not so small that they don’t have enough of an impact). Also make sure you’re choosing plants that want to live in the light situation in your home. Ask the person working at the nursery which plants will survive your space.

Add Rugs

Like plants, rugs are a great way to add color to a space. Also, they’re a great way to cover up ugly/uninviting surfaces like bad carpet or a cold concrete floor. For spaces that are carpeted, choose a low-pile, flat-woven rug so its texture contrasts with the texture of the rug below. For spaces with no carpeting or low-pile carpet, choose a rug with a taller, fluffier pile. Make sure the rugs complement the rest of the colors in the room.

The moral of the story is that if you’re decorating your space you should have fun with it and make sure it reflects your personality as much as possible. My favorite part of decorating the HelloGiggles space was meeting all the great people that work there and gaining inspiration from them. It would be impossible for me to make the space as fun and flavorful as the people who work there, but I hope I got close!

Here’s a video of the experience, which shows you more specific before and afters. For more great design tips, follow @homepolish.