Helix tattoos are our newest subtle ink obsession

Calling all tattoo lovers and admirers: there’s a new ink trend in town that will blow your mind and keep you up until the wee hours of the morning scrolling through Instagram (JK, please don’t do that to yourself). Helix tattoos are the latest craze in the tattoo world, and they’re a delicate, beautiful thing to behold.

These newly popular tattoos are done on the upper curve of your outer ear.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. That is such a small space and how could you possibly make art there? Well, allow us to show you some truly astounding examples. You’ll be calling up your tattoo artist in no time.

Surprisingly, there’s a lot you can do with that small amount of skin. Some of the more popular helix tattoos are of flowers or geometric designs, but you can use your wild imagination to come up with something that you love.



These small, barely visible tattoos are the perfect accessory for the warm months coming up.

Who needs earrings when you have this kind of gorgeous, unique ink on your earlobes?

So far, the feedback on Instagram say that these helix tattoos didn’t hurt nearly as much as you might expect them to. Which is great news for the hesitant folks out there who aren’t quite sure if they can handle the needle (PS, you totally can).

If you’re interested in taking the helix tattoo plunge, poke around on Instagram and see which tattoo artists tickle your fancy. Then find someone you trust to give you the best ear art of your life.

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