Only one of these Helen Mirrens is real

It’s kind of a Big Deal to get yourself sculpted in wax at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. But then again, Helen Mirren is a Big Deal, so it makes sense that she’s got a wax figure in the museum in London. BUT, why stop at just one Helen Mirren? How about three Helen Mirrens? Since we probably won’t be able to clone Helen Mirren for real anytime soon (science, you guys), it’s only fair that she receive three wax figures of herself. The more Helen Mirren, the merrier.

In honor of her 70th birthday this past week, Madam Tussauds unveiled two brand new Helen Mirrens for their museum. Mirren received the wax figure treatment back in 2010 with “Red Carpet Helen Mirren.” Now, adding to her collection, she’s also got “The Queen Helen Mirren” for her portrayal in The Queen, and “Prime Suspect Helen Mirren” for her 1990s ITV mini-series, Prime Suspect.

When Mirren posed with the figures, she yelled to the crowd of onlookers, “Spot the fake!” For a second, it is in fact hard to tell which one is the real one, and then what ones are the wax ones.

“It’s like having three sisters,” Mirren said, ““I’ve got one sister who I absolutely adore, so this is like having three more.” She also joked around with the wax Mirren (as best she could), whispering things into Queen Mirren’s ear, and checking out Red Carpet Mirren — who looks amazing, BTW. They all look amazing, because Mirren is amazing.

Now we’ve just got to get ourselves to London to check these three Mirrens out for ourselves.

(Images via Twitter)