Helen Mirren gave Stephen Colbert a greeting he never expected

Dame Helen Mirren is living her best life, and her Tuesday night appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert proves it even more. Just moments after Stephen welcomed her to the show, she greeted him in a way that was so surprising that he was left completely speechless.

As Stephen went for the handshake, Helen went in for a gentle kiss, stopping him in his tracks. In fact, he was completely frozen as she went to take her seat, and even when he made it back to his desk, it took him some time to get things going again.

“If I didn’t do it then, I’d never get to do it,” Helen explained. “I have been dreaming of doing that for about 15 years. I just grabbed my chance, I’m sorry.”

“I suddenly can’t remember any questions,” Stephen joked. “That is one of the nicest greetings any guest has ever given me.”

We don’t know which star we’re more jealous of, Stephen or Helen. That might have just been the most iconic kiss in the history of kisses and it couldn’t have happened to two better people.