Helen Mirren: Cotton Candy Sweet as Gold!

There are a few little old ladies in my boyfriend’s neighborhood who’ve gone Crayola. Pinks, purples, blues and even one with an orange-tint that resembles Cheetos-dust. They teeter around with canes, countless bags hanging from their little old limbs. Big hats with even bigger hair that no doubt hold volumes of gossip and secrets. And I’ve always thought to myself, “When I get to be that age, I am going to Pantone color-wheel the hell out of my hair.”

1. Because things did not turn out quite as planned when I tried to dip-dye my hair hot pink at the height of the coloring popularity last year, I’m pretty sure that pastels would take much better to grey or white as opposed to almost-so-brown-its-black brown.

2. Because I plan on taking on the MOST fashion risks the older I get, due to the decreasing amount of effs I will give.

3. HELEN MIRREN. She done done it again, y’all. I just can’t handle it. And I know we’ve hyped her up here before but I’ll be damned if her cotton candy-colored do isn’t just the greatest thing since the possibility of Sriracha-flavored Lays.

Also, get this: She pretty much admitted to getting the idea from Saint Smize-a-Lot herself, Tyra Banks (America’s Next Top Model creator, host, model maker-overer):

Ain’t no shame in your game, lady. What do you guys think? Would you do the do?!

Featured image via USA Today

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