“Allure” vows to stop using the word “anti-aging” and puts our queen Helen Mirren on its September cover

Given the current state of the world, it’s good to be reminded of the positive people who continue to thrive. So when Allure put Helen Mirren on its September cover and announced that it will no longer be using the term anti-aging, it felt like a small gift in the news cycle. As always, Helen Mirren looked glamorous, and the full profile gives a peek into her je ne sais quoi. Plus, she also explains the advice she’d give her younger self. Spoiler: It involves having the guts to tell people to get lost.

It feels fitting that Allure decided to honor the 72-year-old actress around the same time its editors publicly announced they’ll stop using the (manipulative) term “anti-aging.”


A press release sent to HelloGiggles describes the September issue of Allure as a celebration of growing into your own skin — wrinkles and all.


In the official announcement, Allure Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee shared why the magazine has decided to take a stand against the term “anti-aging.”

"This issue is the long-awaited, utterly necessary celebration of growing into your own skin — wrinkles and all. No one is suggesting giving up retinol. But changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging. With that in mind, and starting with this issue, we are making a resolution to stop using the term “anti-aging. Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle — think anti-anxiety meds, antivirus software, or antifungal spray."


Hellen Mirren talked about how she feels about the word, too. She told the magazine,

"I said, ‘This word 'anti-aging' — we know we’re getting older. You just want to look and feel as great as you can on a daily basis."


Hopefully this thoughtful decision will usher a wave of magazines to embrace aging with less fear.

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