The Internet can’t get over Heidi Klum’s epic Jessica Rabbit costume

If Halloween Town were a real place, Heidi Klum would, without a doubt, be mayor. Year-after-year, she stuns us with her epic costumes, causing us to wonder if her outfits are over-the-top or we are just not trying hard enough.

This year is no different. The 42-year-old Project Runway host threw her 16th annual Halloween bash (my invite got lost in the mail, but that’s neither here nor there … but seriously, I wasn’t there), and arrived completely transformed into Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? If Heidi hadn’t posted photos of herself getting into the costume, it would actually be difficult to recognize her – that’s how good this costume is.

According to the former model’s Instagram, she’s been planning her vampy Jessica Rabbit costume for weeks. At the beginning of October, she gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the first steps of creating a prosthetic body and cartoon face. When Heidi Klum decides to dress as Jessica Rabbit, she doesn’t go to Party City and buy a red wig, some purple eyeshadow, and a sparkly dress. Nope, she has a professional team fashion her a new butt out of movie-quality materials.

Here’s a glimpse into what it takes to look so glam:

On the afternoon of Halloween, Heidi showed how she achieved that amazing IRL cartoon skin. Seems more time-consuming than the average contouring routine, right?

Heidi’s eyes were completely reconstructed – notice how her huge, fake eyelashes are glued onto her eyelid instead of along her lash line. Absolutely brilliant.  

All of the hours and glue was totally worth it. Heidi is Jessica Rabbit.

Well, Heidi certainly threw the gauntlet, and will definitely be inspiring next year’s crop of imaginative costumes. We have 364 days to try to top it … starting … now. Good luck with that!

(Image via here.)