Heidi Klum promises to be topless on the beach when she’s 60, and we’re so here for it

Heidi Klum is known for many things. She’s a super model, TV host, entrepreneur, mother of four and free spirit. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when Klum promises to be topless on the beach when she’s 60 because, well, it’s just who she is and we love her for it! With a debut swimwear line launching this week, Klum tells People magazine (on stands Friday) all about the collection. It will have an array of tops, bottoms, cover-ups, and one-pieces with prices starting at just $70. Klum’s sole goal is to make every woman as comfortable in their own skin as she is in hers (in Klum swimwear, of course)!

“With style and clothes and swimsuits or lingerie, it doesn’t change with age. I love fashion and I love showing off my feminine assets. I still feel sexy and I want to look sexy and so it doesn’t matter that I’m 43 instead of 25.

The new collection, which is related to the “Heidi Klum Intimates” line, will have a ton of options but promises to simplify the already stressful swimsuit shopping experience and feel.


“Everyone is trying to put 5,000 straps and weird cutouts on swimwear. That works well on photo shoots, but it doesn’t look so great on everyone at the beach. I like classic silhouettes that you pep up with beautiful prints and textured fabrics.

The Sports Illustrated cover model goes on to talk about her attitude on aging and why she’ll probably always be topless while sunbathing, giving us all the positive body image goals!

“I’m also probably going to be the girl on the beach with no top on when I’m 60. Maybe my stomach and my boobs are not going to be the same way they are now. But it’s just who I am. I am more of a free person. I’m more nudist that way. I’m fearless. I don’t think that will change. I’m gonna be that 60-year-old woman laying on the beach with just my bottoms on.

She continues by adding a little bit of wisdom we all need to hear today and everyday.

“A body is still beautiful when it gets older. You don’t have to hide yourself under a tent just because you don’t have skin like a 20-year-old anymore. The key is to own who you are and the way you look."I feel comfortable in my skin. But who knows? Maybe that will change in 20 years. But I feel like you have to just be open and have fun with it. Especially now — anything goes.

We agree! Heidi has the right attitude about her body, and life for sure! You can check out her new swimwear line at heidiklumintimates.com—and try not to order everything on the site!

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