We need to talk about how problematically hot Heidi Klum’s makeup artist is

While the world waited with bated breath (literally past midnight!) to see Heidi Klum reveal her Halloween costume this year, there was a bit of magic happening behind-the-scenes several hours before the highly anticipated event. And we’re not just talking about the fact that a number of talented makeup, hair, and other artists worked some serious OT to get Heidi and her ~Klones~ into Heidi-tastic form, but there was also a bit of magic happening on Heidi’s Instagram in the form of one of her super hot makeup artists.

Specifically, we’re talking about special effects makeup artist Mike Marino.


You may have noticed Mike has THE prettiest eyes ever. And, while we’re not necessarily fans of ~funky~ facial hair, he definitely manages to pull off a Van Dyke beard prettttty well. ALSO, he’s a MAKEUP ARTIST, so you know he can help you look as amazing as Heidi Klum…LOL. Yeah we know, not really, but we can dream right?

Mike is clearly very talented, having of course provided some other impressive special effects makeup looks for Heidi during past Halloweens and also for films like Black SwanThe Wrestler, and The Girl on the Train among about a billion other major movies and TV shows.

Here’s Mike gettin’ Heidi into that infamous Jessica Rabbit look last year.


He also claims to not be a “selfie guy,” but like…come on.


Rockin’ a serious Jon Snow vibe here, not gonna lie.

A pretty DARN GOOD selfie, IMO.




Honestly, if we were sitting in the makeup chair with Mike workin’ his magic on us we have to admit it’d be pretty hard to focus. So the only question that remains is, Heidi…how do you do it?!

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