Heidi Klum unveiled an army of Heidi clones as her Halloween ~costume~ and it’s crazy AF

As the undisputed queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum manages to outdo herself every year. Her annual Halloween party has become the thing of legend and the absolute highlight of the event is always Heidi’s very own arrival and reveal of her Halloween costume. In past years, Heidi has wowed onlookers in a variety of insanely impressive costumes including a grotesquely awesome muscular painted body suit, a future “old” version of herself, and even a cartoonishly accurate Jessica Rabbit. And while we assumed her costume for 2016 would trump the rest, we had no idea JUST how BIG it would be…

Get ready for the reveal…


…and bow down to the KWEEN, ER KWEENS, OF HALLOWEEN!


Earlier today we actually got to see some of the behind-the-scenes magic of her prosthetic makeover for this costume, or rather NUMBER of costumes.

And, unsurprisingly, there were A LOT of elements involved with making it all come together.

Just look at all these prosthetic makeup pieces!

The process was not without some unanticipated ~drama~ though, as Heidi’s insanely talented makeup artists worked their magic.

Heidi: “Is this gonna work?!”

OBVIOUSLY Heidi and team pulled it all off though after working some serious OT.

The Kween of Halloween actually teased her costume idea to Vanity Fair just a few days ago, explaining that it would in fact be a “German theme, made in Germany.”

HA! Get it? Because SHE was made in Germany!

Apparently Heidi has been planning this massive costume for FOUR MONTHS. That’s right, Heidi has been planning this clone-tastic Halloween costume since before the world even knew what Stranger Things was (**quietly packs away Eleven costume and Eggos.**)!

Obviously, Heidi is no stranger to wearing prosthetics for her Halloween costume…


…so REALLY it makes sense that her costume this year involves FIVE TIMES as many the prosthetics (though, not on herself…lucky!).


Talk about some serious #halloweengoals. Heidi, we continue to bow down to you and your Halloween mastery and can’t wait to see what you’ll amaze us with next year. Until then, Happy Halloween!

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