Heidi Klum’s perfect 10 response to Donald Trump’s insult

A woman’s attractiveness is a delicate equation. We are told that we need to be a size 0, have a 24-inch waist and — to add some letters to the mix — a cup size close to a failing grade. It seems that no matter what profession a woman holds — writer, engineer, doctor, model, farmer — she is judged first and foremost on whether or not those variables add up to a perfect 10.

Donald Trump in particular seems to be the very latest to bring that equation into the spotlight. The Republican presidential candidate and real estate mogul loves to talk about numbers — and shared his latest valuation of a woman’s body with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. “Heidi Klum,” he said. “Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.” First of all “ew.” Second of all “what?” Third of all, “that is SO sexist and out of line, and way to make a woman’s value based completely on not just appearances but on your personal opinion of those appearances.”

The German supermodel didn’t seem particularly alarmed by Trump’s unsolicited opinion. Klum posted a 12-second response video on Twitter in which she is at a mock fashion shoot with a number 10 on her chest. A man in a Trump mask rips off the 10 to reveal . . . a 9.99 underneath! After a momentary gasp, Klum shrugs nonchalantly.

Trump’s record with women is not great — and he has taken plenty of flak recently for his offensive comments about Megyn Kelly . . . just to scratch the surface. So while we’re unfortunately not surprised to see him putting another woman down, we are so into Klum taking his insult and shrugging it off. Honestly, we’d put that ’10’ right back on her chest. Girlfriend just scored some major points with us.

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