Heidi Klum is at Burning Man and appears to be having the *most* amazing time

While we know Burning Man is about more than fashion, we have to say that it’s the style game that sucks us in, and the ever-present strength of the celeb game that keeps us paying attention to every event. If there’s one celeb who remains a forever inspo for us in all things, it’s Heidi Klum, and she *killed it* at Burning Man this year. And she looked happy AF doing it.

From bike riding into the sunset…

“Burning Man ….WOW?,” she wrote. “I❤️N?C?R?E?D?I?B?L?E?”

Wow is right. It looks stunning! Just look at that sunset.

… to checking out the always incredible art…

“???????#burningman,” she posted on Insta, because Klum has a thing for expressing herself through emojis!

Ugh, our art-loving hearts are so envious right now.

… to, finally, watching the magic-filled burn take place!

“M?A?G?I?C?A?L?,” she said of the Temple burn.

Magical is probably the only word to describe it. So beautiful!

She’s inspiring us to be more adventurous this year, and, TBH, it’s just the boost we needed.