Heather Morris Grieved Naya Rivera by Dancing to Her Song

“Honoring someone can mean you’re enjoying your life FOR them.”

Heather Morris has been open about her grieving process since the death of Naya Rivera, Morris’ former Glee co-star. On Instagram yesterday, July 21st, Morris shared that dancing has been one more channel through which she’s been able to express her grief.

Morris posted a video of her performing an interpretive dance to Rivera’s song “Radio Silence,” along with a deeply personal message to her followers.  

“Grieving looks very differently on everyone…but one things for certain: I’ve felt it’s hard to feel joy or keep busy when mourning without thinking that you’re not honoring that person or you’re forgetting about them,” Morris wrote.

She continued that her husband, Taylor Hubbell, reminded her that “enjoying your life FOR them” is a valid way of honoring the memory of a loved one who’s passed. And for Morris, who began her career as a professional dancer, dance is a source of joy.

On July 13th, five days after Rivera went missing during a boat trip with her son on Lake Piru, local authorities confirmed the actor’s death by accidental drowning. Since then, Morris and her fellow Glee stars have shared several tributes to their late friend on social media. In a July 18th Instagram post, Morris shared that she and Rivera had “a play date in the works” for their children the week of Rivera’s death. 

“I can’t wait for [this week] to be over so I can stop thinking about how I missed our chance to be together. I fucking loved how you drank martini’s and no one would know you smoked cuz you were a mastermind at hiding it.”

“I’m doing something every day to honor your strength and it helps me to feel close to you,” Morris added.

In another post, Morris wrote a tribute to Rivera’s strength of character and the deep importance of their friendship. 

“You constantly taught me lessons about grief, about beauty and poise, about being strong, resilient and about not giving a fuck (but still somehow respectful ). Yet, the utmost important lesson I learned most of all from you was being a consistent and loving friend. You were the first to check in, the first to ask questions, the first to listen..you cherished our friendship and I never took that for granted,” she wrote.

In her most recent post, Morris also reflected on reaching one million followers in the wake of Rivera’s death. She said that she initially felt “resentful” about the influx of new followers, “because I gained them from a tragedy.” But upon reflection, she said, “I realized you all have just surrounded me with love and support. That I just see you angels wrapping your wings around me.”

“So I’m celebrating 1Million today in a tribute to @nayarivera with her music and her voice that will forever be my favorite.” 

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