On Heath Ledger’s 37th birthday, here’s how the Internet is remembering him

It’s been over eight years since the tragic death of Heath Ledger. That day, the world lost someone truly special, and on his would-be 37th birthday today, we remember what the phrase “gone, but not forgotten” truly means. . . because Heath Ledger could never be forgotten.

Today, fans are taking to social media to celebrate Heath’s career with quotes, pictures, and remembrance, highlighting some of his best roles and giving their own heartfelt “happy birthday” messages to the man who gave us The Joker we’ll never forget.

Those who worked with him, such as Seamus O’Regan and celebrity photographer Andy Gotts, are also expressing their grief.

Others took this opportunity to celebrate his most well-known roles.

Yeah, we’re tearing up over here, too. Perhaps today is a good day to watch 10 Things I Hate About You, The Dark Knight, or Brokeback Mountain? Happy birthday, Heath Ledger — you may be gone, but you’re certainly never forgotten.


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