This heartwarming letter proves that even little libraries are worth it

Many of us grew up with big public libraries near by, but a new trend is sweeping the country and having an incredible effect: little libraries! These neighborhood book-sharing stands allow readers of all ages and levels to swap reading material and interact with their communities through a love of books.

The joy of books and reading tend to bring people together as shared interests are discovered, and the little free libraries that are dotted around this country are great for that. Take a book, return a book, tell your neighbor, talk for hours!

But recently in New Orleans, a volunteer found something else to talk about thanks to the little library. It was a handwritten note, and a beautiful surprise to receive from a stranger.

Basically this is the sweetest note we’ve ever read, and it’s amazing to know that a late-reader could benefit so much from these little libraries. One of the keys to the success of little libraries is that they can be accessible to locals who don’t get out much or lack easy transportation. As the letter explains, this new resident thinks the local public library is too far of a commute – so the little library is really necessary.

The volunteer who stumbled upon this letter was Kalpana Saxena, who wrote about discovering the touching missive on Facebook:

Of course, the thread got hundreds of comments from other readers who shared pictures of the little libraries in their neighborhood, and stories of their own reading ventures. The sense of community is strong as ever. Thank you, little libraries, for making BIG and meaningful things happen.

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