13 heart-shaped sunglasses that’ll make you toss your teeny-tiny frames goodbye

Sunglasses trends operate in a cyclical nature, with certain shapes, colors, and styles going in and out of fashion every few years. Take, for instance, the currently ever-so-popular tiny sunglasses trend beloved by Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, and Rihanna. Are they seriously chic? For sure. Will they be in a year? Unlikely—but stranger (fashion-related) things have happened, so who knows, really.

Then there are the sunglasses that have remained consistent staples in our accessories wardrobes. Think: aviators, cat-eye sunnies, and, surprisingly enough, heart-shaped sunglasses. While they maintain a retro ’70s and ’80s feel thanks to their bold and bright aesthetic—and that they’re often available in colored plastic—these statement glasses have risen above “trend” status and cemented themselves as a mainstay.

Of course, there are ways to make your heart-shaped sunglasses feel more current, like choosing frame-less options, or ones that feature clear lenses. If you want to lean into the classic, retro vibe, opt for signature red heart-shaped sunglasses or a white plastic pair. No matter your sunnies preference, we guarantee that there’s a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses that will catch your eye in our list below. Happy shopping!

1Aldo Gleiri Sunglasses

Aldo heart-shaped sunglassesAldo heart-shaped sunglasses

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These clear sunnies are simultaneously retro and futuristic.

2Saint Laurent Silver Loulou Cut-Out Sunglasses

Saint Laurent heart-shaped sunglassesSaint Laurent heart-shaped sunglasses

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Love the wire-frame outline.

3Simons Mamma Mia Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Simons heart-shaped sunglassesSimons heart-shaped sunglasses

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See through rose-colored glasses this summer—literally.

4 Forever 21 Heart-Shaped Gradient Sunglasses

Forever 21 heart-shaped sunglassesForever 21 heart-shaped sunglasses

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When cat-eye sunglasses meet heart-shaped sunnies.

5Chloe Rosie 55mm Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Chloe heart-shaped sunglassesChloe heart-shaped sunglasses

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The ultimate splurge.

6Rad + Refined Arrow Heart Sunglasses

Rad + Refined heart-shaped sunglassesRad + Refined heart-shaped sunglasses

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Make a major statement with this rhinestone-studded pair.

7 Babiators 43mm Blue Series Polarized Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Babiators heart-shaped sunglassesBabiators heart-shaped sunglasses

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The white and purple color combo has a very mod, ’60s feel.

8H&M Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

H&M heart-shaped sunglassesH&M heart-shaped sunglasses

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If you’re looking for a more subtle, understated pair, this one’s for you.

9American Eagle Heart Sunnies

American Eagle heart-shaped sunglassesAmerican Eagle heart-shaped sunglasses

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Classic red heart-shaped sunnies are a summer staple.

10 Claire’s Heart-Shaped Brow Sunglasses

Claire's heart-shaped sunglassesClaire's heart-shaped sunglasses

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So cute.

11Old Navy Heart-Shaped Wire Frame Sunglasses

Old Navy heart-shaped sunglassesOld Navy heart-shaped sunglasses

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The gold rim makes these totally glam.

12Quay Australia Heartbreaker Sunglasses

Quay Australia heart-shaped sunglassesQuay Australia heart-shaped sunglasses

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We can’t get enough of this two-toned pair.

13J.Crew Heart-Shaped Sunnies

J.Crew heart-shaped sunglassesJ.Crew heart-shaped sunglasses

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Totally groovy.

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