We Heart You Forever: Retro Marc Jacobs’ Ads

After years of creative, interesting, arty ads featuring an array of “it girls” and offbeat cool girls in an array of oddball situations and positions, Marc Jacobs is going in a new direction for his Fall 2014 campaigns, and that direction is going to be bland, stiff models. No more amazing Fanning sisters, no more crazy Victoria Beckham coming out of bags or Winona Ryder trying on shoes. Instead, Marc has cast a series of models posing like mannequins and it looks like this:

For this campaign, the designer is turning again to his brilliant and faithful photographer, Juergen Teller, who has shot almost every ad for Jacobs since the late ’90s (with the exception of Miley Cyrusreportedly Teller did not want to photograph her), and the photos are sure to be as shockingly beautiful and haunting as all the ones that came before it. But still, we’ll miss the old style ads. There was just something so fun and unexpected and original about them, like we were all in on the some inside-fashion cool-kids joke.

Join me now in reveling in ad campaign nostalgia. RIP Marc Jacobs‘ ads, 1998-2014

Jessica Lange, 2014 Beauty

Miley Cyrus, Spring/Summer 2014

Helena Bonham Carter, Fall 2011

Sofia Coppola, Daisy Perfume 2006

P.S. Marc and Sofia are totally besties

And he used her in some Louis Vuitton ads (he was head designer for the French fashion house from 1997-2013)

and her dad, Francis Ford Coppola!

Elle Fanning, Fall 2011

Victoria Beckham, Spring/Summer 2008

Dakota Fanning, Oh! Lola fragrance 2011

Controversy alert! Cue the angry parents over the sexualization of Fanning/her pose with the flower perfume bottle between her legs.

Meg White, Spring/Summer 2006

M.I.A., Spring/Summer 2008

Samantha Morton, Spring/Summer 2003

And the muse of all muses…

Winona Ryder, Spring/Summer 2003

And just and adorable 12-year-old Dakota Fanning

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