Heart-shaped blush is the cutest makeup trend we plan on trying this Valentine’s Day

For every festive occasion, there is a corresponding Instagram makeup trend, so it’s no surprise that makeup lovers across the internet are getting ready for Valentine’s Day in a cute and creative way. This year, everyone from casual beauty lovers to bonified makeup artists is bringing the holiday spirit to another level by creating blush heart looks.

If you’re not previously familiar with this heart-shaped blush trend, as Allure first pointed out, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Rather than blending your blush on the apple’s of your cheeks, this look fully embraces the pinks and reds to create a classic heart shape on your cheeks. If you loved face painting as a kid, you can think of it as a grown-up cosmetic nod to the stars and hearts we donned on our faces as children.

Naturally, as with any trend, there are limitless ways to embrace the heart-shaped blush trend, some Instagrammers go for a straight-forward red heart on each cheek, while others create flurries of tiny heart-shaped constellations. You can just do one notable accent, or transform your face into a canvas full of tiny festive Valentine’s Day hearts.

There are adorable hearts carved out of negative space.


Classic lil hearts.


Coral hearts.


Glitter hearts.

We love these ultra-romantic red hearts.


Sometimes they’re so subtle we can barely spot them.


Other times the eyes are painted to match.


These heart freckles are a true look.


They can even serve as tiny eye accents.


You can fully transform into a mermaid.

Or a cookie cutter cutie.


Whether you go big with the hearts or go home, we are definitely crushing on this look.