These healthy smoothie bowls are absolutely loaded with nutrients and we need to eat them all immediately

We’re constantly trying to figure out how to make smoothie bowls we’ll actually love. While taking a whole bunch of stuff we have in our fridge and throwing it in a bowl *seems* like it’d get the job done, it actually takes some pre-planning to make sure your smoothie bowl recipes are healthy, and actually edible. Whenever we need a new, healthy recipe, we turn to Instagram, because who knows nutritious, beautiful smoothie bowls better than Instagram?! These healthy smoothie bowls are seriously blowing our minds and encouraging us to pre-plan our breakfasts. We feel healthier already!

1. This vegan smoothie bowl with a blackstrap molasses drizzle helps you indulge your sweet tooth and get your nutrients

2. This cacao and coconut chip smoothie bowl

3. This purple smoothie bowl loaded with blackberries, frozen berries, frozen banana, dates, kale and cucumber

4. This bright smoothie bowl with raspberries, almonds, and chia

5. This vanilla and date chunk protein smoothie bowl

6. This vegan plant-loaded bowl is totally pink and totally dreamy

Happy smoothie bowl-making, friends! Don’t forget to load on the fruit, and the protein! A colorful bowl is a happy bowl, after all. Thank goodness for these healthy smoothies for keeping us healthy *and* full.