9 healthy smoothie bowl combos you haven’t already tried (and will totally love!)

If you want to feel like your food is on trend, look no further than the smoothie bowl. Whether your goal is to create a healthier breakfast or you just want to try some healthy and delicious recipes, these smoothie bowl combos by food blogger Lina Saber are absolute must-try meals. Nothing makes for a better morning boost than these totally yummy and nutritious smoothie bowls, and with so many different types available, you can find the one that best suits your taste buds.

1. This Creamy Cherry Bowl with homemade cherry sorbetto, coconut shreds, fresh cherries, dried cherries, rawnola, dragon fruit balls and vegan white choc chips 

2. This Tangerine Smoothie Bowl with homemade tangerine sorbetto and other chewy, crispy and crunchy goodies

3. This Passionate Mango Maqui Bowl topped with coconut shreds, fresh large passion fruit, berry clusters, almond based rawnola, dragon balls, and vegan white choc chips

4. This Maqui Bluebs Smoothie Bowl with frozen bananas, maqui powder, and dried apple blueberry clusters

5. This Peachy Bowl with coconut shreds, glazed dehydrated peach, peach balls, almonds based rawnola, dragon fruit balls and vegan white choc chips

6. This Tropical Smoothie Bowl with frozen bananas, pineapple chunks and Maca powder

7. This Kiwi Bowl with fro kiwi chunks, fro nanas with coconut meat and topped with coconut shreds, glazed dehydrated kiwi chips, cashew based rawnola, vegan soy choc chips, and kiwi balls

8. This Creamy ‘Coco Choco’ Smoothie bowl made with chocolately nicecream, dehydrated banana chips, and energy rawnola bliss balls

9. This Salted Caramel Pear Bowl topped it with a scoop of homemade salted caramel n’icecream, coco shreds, dehydrated pear chips, almond based rawnola, dragon balls and vegan caramel carob chip

Nom nom nom nom. We can’t wait to eat *all* of these!