Science has discovered how to make chocolate healthier and tastier. Life = made

It’s Easter and we’re all in the sugariest of moods, but with each Peep and Cadbury egg we pop into our mouths, we inevitably think “This REALLY isn’t healthy for me.”

The future of sweets is bright, though, as Distractify reports that a team at the University of Ghana has discovered a method for making chocolate that makes the treat both healthier AND tastier.

So here’s the deal, when you hear about dark chocolate having antioxidants, people are talking about polyphenols, the specific antioxidant in dark chocolate that lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease. Unfortunately, most of the polyphenols are lost during the process of making chocolate.

So, in order to preserve the polyphenols of dark chocolate, the researchers over at the University of Ghana decided to add an extra step into the process, a resting period for the cocoa pods before the beans were fermented. And it worked! Not only did chocolate that came from rested pods contain more polyphenols, it ALSO tasted sweeter!

Eventually, science is going to make candy completely healthy for us, we who possess sweet teeth believe that a glorious eating-candy-all-day-and-it-totally-being-okay future awaits us all.

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