Health and fitness expert Emily Skye just got super honest about her pregnancy body

We’ve always been big fans of fitness expert Emily Skye. She offers up great motivation and inspiration with her killer physique. Plus, she’s never been afraid of getting honest about uncomfortable issues. And if you thought that would change when Skye announced her pregnancy, think again. The fitness star recently took to her Instagram to discuss some of the less pleasant aspects of pregnancy in a real and honest post that we absolutely love.

Skye got real and upfront about some aspects of pregnancy that aren’t usually discussed.

In particular, the body positive fitness expert opened up about how she’s gaining fat and cellulite as she heads through her pregnancy — and that she’s just fine with it. In the lengthy and refreshingly candid post, Skye discussed how her body is changing as her pregnancy goes forward, and how some aspects are less exciting than others.

"I have been exercising for 8 years and I have maintained a lean physique over that period of time. Since becoming pregnant I have gained some fat and cellulite and I’ve lost a fair bit of muscle - which I'm completely fine with," Skye wrote on Instagram

Skye also shared a close-up photo of her new figure (and the accompanying cellulite).

She was quick to stress that none of this was about competing with other people or comparing her body to others; it was simply a chance to be honest and upfront about how the body can change during pregnancy.

"This post is NOT about comparison nor is it a competition. It’s also not an “I have it worse than you post and it’s definitely not me complaining at all. The point of this post is simply to remind you that we’re all human and imperfect, we’re all different and on our own unique journeys and we all have different experiences."

We applaud Skye for her honesty and bravery about what can be a pretty touchy and taboo subject. Way to keep it real — and congratulations on your upcoming arrival!