In celebration of “Gossip Girl’s” 10th anniversary, here are 15 Blair Waldorf-approved headbands

When it comes to the world of televised fashion, Gossip Girl 100 percent changed the game. The show had the best costume department since Sex and the City, and made sure to give each major character a distinct sense of style. We reveled in Jenny Humphrey’s sweetheart-turned-rocker-chick fashion, Chuck Bass’s rich-boy swag, and the effortless style of It girl Serena van der Woodsen (which launched Blake Lively as one of the biggest fashion icons of our time).

But out of all the characters on the hit TV show, Blair Waldorf has the best style of all.

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Nothing could touch Blair Waldorf’s sophisticated and girly aesthetic. In a time where effortless androgyny was gaining steam, Blair’s style was so perfectly polished and unapologetically feminine that she almost never left home without a fabulous headband of some sort. Big bows, berets, headbands, and ribbons quickly became her trademark.

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With Gossip Girl celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the show is as beloved as ever, with Blair Waldorf as its most memorable character.

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So if you’re still convinced Blair was the ultimate television style icon of her time, why not channel her for the show’s anniversary? You may not have access to her wardrobe budget, but you can still snag yourself a nice collection of Blair-inspired headbands. And that’s almost the same thing, right?

As Blair would say, time to go online shopping!

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1ModCloth Sweetest Spread Fascinator in Black, $19.99


We’re LIVING for the drama of this one. Can you just imagine it paired with an LBD?

2Claire’s Navy Polka Dot Bow Headband, $9.99


Give jeans and a white tee the Blair Waldorf treatment with this darling bow.

3Valfré Flores Beret, $48


A beret is basically the cold weather equivalent of a headband, right?

4Miss A Large Bow Scrunched Headband, $1


Consider these easy, accessible gateways into the world of ~FaNcY~ headbands.

5Miss A Mesh Flower Headband, $1


This one is so beautiful and delicate, it would make an amazing statement piece for a bride.

6 ASOS Coast Delina Fascinator, $71.06


A little metallic never hurt anybody.

7ASOS Ribbon & Asher Race Day Lace Headband, $55.27


The Grecian goddess vibes are strong with this one.

8 Topshop Embellished Gem Headband, $18


Put a funky, glam spin on Blair’s style with this blinged-out numba.

9Forever 21 Crepe Bow Headband, $3.90


We loooveee the sweet schoolgirl vibes of this headband. It really takes us back to Blair and Serena’s high school days.

10Target Fascinator Headband, $12.99


Blair worshiped Audrey Hepburn, and this piece is a perfect balance of their iconic styles.

11 Regina Pearl Headband, $110


Keep your ears warm AND rock Blair’s beloved pearls. It’s a win/win!

12Forever 21 Satin Bow Headband, $4.90


This big bow screams Blair in Season 1 of Gossip Girl.

13 H&M Headband With Flowers, $6.99


This is like the west coast festival take on Blair Waldorf vibes.

14 PastSeasonVintage Black Velvet Turban, $45


When days got cold, Blair went for the turban. With this chic velvet find, you can too.

15 Gucci Botanic Chane Silk Headband, $510


If you have a Blair Waldorf-sized budget, it really doesn’t get better than this poppy Gucci pick. Blair would TOTES invest in this.

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